Hi, I'm Kelly!

am a Holistic Health Coach and I have a passion for helping people and their fur babies find wellness and healing with natural remedies instead of medications and toxic ingredients.  That passion began with trying to help my youngest daughter with her anxiety disorder at and essential oils were a game changer for her. If you want help for your wellness, please contact me!  

I was using essential oils on my dog as well (they are also recommended by The Dog Whisperer (Cesar Milan) and was also helping my clients with theirs.   I quickly found out with all the requests for dog products from my clients that natural remedies for dogs were hard to find.  That’s how Be Kind Pet Line was born!  The name is inspired by Ellen DeGeneres who has a passion for dogs and ends her show with “be kind to one another” which I absolutely love!

My clients include dog handlers who show their dogs at the prestigious Westminster show along with dog trainers, breeders and lot of other happy pet parents!!   I did extensive research on what oils were safe as that is paramount.  I tested the blends in my line on many pets to find the best combinations and amounts possible. I am not a veterinarian or intend for my products to replace veterinary care.